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An alcohol & drug rehab clinic

Complementary Therapies in Addiction Rehab

A variety of complementary and holistic therapies may be included in our patients’ individual treatment plans, depending on availability and referral by either medical or therapeutic staff.

The aim of using complementary therapies is to optimise the mental, physical and spiritual health of our patients, so that they can continue their lives without the need for mood-altering drugs or behaviours.

Participation in complementary therapies is arranged as part of treatment planning and incorporated into the patient's personalised care plan on the advice of our Consultant Psychiatrist and therapy team.

"When life seems hopeless, when things seem to go wrong, when my mind is haunted by memories of the past, I only have to think of you and what you taught me in that miraculous place called Castle Craig. Thank you, again and again, one day at a time, for this new life shown by you."



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