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An alcohol & drug rehab clinic

Recovery Advocate

Castle Craig welcomes candidates for the position of Recovery Advocate. Recovery Advocates have an important role in support of the Therapy Team and the overall therapeutic community at Castle Craig. Personal experience of recovery and long-term involvement in mutual aid recovery groups is a prerequisite of this post. Part-time, full-time and sessional work is available.


Position: Recovery Advocate

Goals and Expectations

  • Knowledge of how Castle Craig facilitates the 12 steps
  • How we work with the patients
  • To be of maximum service to others
  • Continue to grow within the company and outside


  • High Standard of patient service
  • Team player
  • Able to assist patients with 12 steps
  • Recovery Advocates are a bridge between patient and therapist

Job Duties

  1. Recovery Advocates are expected to be flexible at all times.
  2. Assist with transfer of luggage ITU to ECU when needed.
  3. Check all bags and belongings (assist the nurse).
  4. Provide security and safety to clients.
  5. Maintain campus presence, and know what is going on.
  6. Provide routine checks and walk through.
  7. Be available to talk with patients at all times.
  8. Mix with patients at meals and talk to them in the community. Check patients are present at lectures in good time – check smoking areas and rooms.
  9. Assist with DVDs.
  10. Facilitate non-therapeutic groups. Such groups include change of goal and big book readings.
  11. Redirect patients and warn of violations of program rules / expectations.
  12. Escort patients on various activities shopping, dentist, Sunday activities when required.
  13. Assist the nurse with medications including collecting patients.
  14. Be present at entertainment night, monitor patients and make sure the area is clean and tidy at the end of the evening.
  15. Hand out TV cables and ensure they are removed at the end of the evening.
  16. Examine doors and windows to ensure security when completing the last house check.

Dress code: smart casual: shirts with collar, trousers/skirts, jumper/jacket.  No denim jeans or trainers.

Application forms are available via our website Application forms and full CV should be sent to:

HR Manager,
Castle Craig Hospital,
West Linton,
Peeblesshire EH46 7DH.

To apply for this vacancy, please fill our online application form.