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For medical professionals Articles for doctors, nurses, therapists and other health professionals who are interested in addiction and recovery. If you'd like us to address a particular issue please get in contact.

Fidget Spinners Help ADHD

December 12, 2017 in Clinical Insights

Attention deficit problems are often treated with methods of self-distraction, like how fidget spinners help ADHD patients with subtle stress relief and constant motion. Read more

The Eight Phases of EMDR

December 6, 2017 in Clinical Insights

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a form of psychotherapy to help people reprocess painful, unresolved memories such as people who have PTSD.  Read more

Signs of Mental Health to Watch Out For

December 5, 2017 in Clinical Insights

It's important that we all look out for one another to ensure optimal health and happiness. These are the signs of mental health to watch out for if a loved one is in recovery. Read more

Risks and Benefits of Virtual Therapy

November 30, 2017 in Clinical Insights

Suitable therapy and recovery programs are a necessity for patients breaking the cycle of addiction, but not everyone can attend physical rehab clinics and therefore rely on virtual therapy programs. Read more

How Music Provides Stress Relief

November 28, 2017 in Clinical Insights

In the interest of healing past trauma and recovering from addiction, it's amazing the extent to which music provides stress relief. Learn how you can deal with stress using music therapy and recovery strategies. Read more

Sensory Processing Disorder

November 24, 2017 in Clinical Insights

Parents that discover Sensory Processing Disorder in a child should seek professional guidance and treatment to ensure that he or she is not hampered in growth and learning by the condition. Read more

Warning Signs of Suicide to Watch Out For

November 24, 2017 in Clinical Insights

If you are concerned about a loved one undergoing treatment and recovery from addiction, these are the warning signs of suicide to watch out for. Read more

How the Ocean Affects Mental Illness

November 20, 2017 in Clinical Insights

Our environment has a tremendous impact on our mental health in ways we don't even realize. Learn how the ocean affects mental illness and how you can prepare yourself to deal with those effects. Read more

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